Bangladesh’s Sports Diplomacy

Finally a Sports Journalists’ book launching ceremony gave Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Dipu Moni the opportunity to talk about sports diplomacy. “Asian Games E China Darshan’, by Ranjan Sen, a sports journalists and a former colleague of mine documented the 80-page book based on his experience in the 16th Asian Games held in China in 2009. He tried to  highlight the aspects of modern diplomacy where cricket can be instrumental, according to Sen. Let me first put some bits from the programme where Foreign Minister Moni said that the relations between Bangladesh and China could be intensified through ‘cricket diplomacy’. “Both Bangladesh and China share a thousand-year old history of bonds and the omnipresence of the soil of Bangladesh was  mentioned in many Chinese old books,” she said while unveiling the book. She also said Bangladesh cricketers have been significantly  contributing to the development of Chinese cricket, which clearly  reflects that Bangladesh has learn to reciprocate neighbors and  friends with whatever limited resources it has. “Its matter of great pride for Bangladesh to become a partner of the development of mighty China, home to 20 percent of world’s (seven billion) populations,” the foreign minister said. “Cricket is just showing that path of cooperation.” Dipu Moni said the Chinese people in greater numbers have  been becoming familiar with Bangladesh through cricket as  Bangladesh cricketers, especially former Bangladesh captain  Aminul Islam Bulbul, now working as coach, for Chinese cricket  development.

Belated realisation, isn’t it? And moreover, how far Bangladesh has been successful in drawing attention of the world through hosting different sports events in the last three years such as Asia Cup? Are you doing enough in a comprehensive and planned manner? Think about it.



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